LolaOla is more than the sum of the products we make. We are about behaving in a more conscious and socially responsible way, trying to improve livelihoods, one person at a time.

In an effort to make our world a better place for all creature, really, we aim to educate ourselves, our people and our supporters in reducing harm to the world we all share.


Many young rural Cambodian women seek steady work in garment factories. It's an opportunity to leave their villages, get into the shade and avoid the relentless sun of farm work. But often, after they have children, they search for other work opportunities closer to home. And because such opportunities are so limited mothers have few options but to separate from their children, to earn meager livings in large cities far away. To disrupt this paradigm, LolaOla offers fair salaries and the possibility to work from home. This provides women the opportunity to live close to their children and give them the best care.

Srey Sean

She inherited her incredible talent from her mother who was a famous seamstress before the Khmer Rouge. She wishes to have learnt more from her. She started her career as many other female Cambodians working at a garment factory. A few years later, she started working for a Japanese NGO, followed by an Australian social business. Srey Sean is the alma matter of LolaOla. Her creativity and sewing skills make the difference in producing at very high standards.

Srey Sideth

She is Srey Sean's sister. She started working with her at LolaOla inspired by her passion for sewing beautiful products. Srey Sideth makes by hand all the colourful tassels, cords and other accessories of LolaOla products. She is caring, meticulous and very patient. Srey Sideth is always ready to travel at the country side to enjoy delicious Khmer cuisine.

SouthEast Asia Fabrics
— LolaOla designs are inspired by Cambodia’s most popular fabrics: kroma and baticks. And we also source other special textiles as we travel the region and mix those, too, into our designs. We blend these Southeast Asian fabrics with our Spanish flair for you to create more pretty, joyful and meaningful memories into your life.
Nothing is wasted – we exhaust each piece of sarong
— We make by hand our collections of accessories and housewares through a sustainable zero-waste process. We design with the production process in mind to prevent wasting resources. It’s a slower and time-consuming cutting process but it eliminates waste. It’s how we can mitigate the fashion industry’s devastating impact on the planet. This too, is why we’ve designed certain products to become alternatives to plastic bags, for your convenience. Made of resistant craft paper, Lolaola shipping bags are environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable and biodegradable as approved by the International Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
Pretty creations handmade with joy, care and high standards.
— Each product is unique! All our products are handmade, from the colorful tassel to the golden strap. Cut my hand, every LolaOla product is produced with a singular piece of batik so that no two bags are exactly the same. This special difference makes our products charming and distinct from factory-made accessories.

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