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meets Mekong

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From our consumers
I love your pretty products. I am obsessed with these fabrics. I just bought a belt bag, a tote bag, a computer case, a purse and a handbag.
— Bianca, visiting Siem Reap
I fell in love with their products at first sight! Their carefully made products with lovely designs and beautiful colors give many joys in my daily life.
— Tomomi, from Japan

social responsibility and ethical fashion

LolaOla has, since the beginning, been our own small platform to serve as an instrument for change, even if only one woman at a time, to improve the overall quality of life for all women here.

Unique meaningful creations to be enjoyed at the fullest!

All our products are consciously handmade, from the colorful tassel to the golden strap. Cut my hand, every LolaOla product is produced with a singular piece of batik so that no two bags are exactly the same. This special difference makes our products charming and distinct from factory-made accessories.

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